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Do you want to quit smoking without cravings?


This is the ONE Program that will change your life.

Rick Saruna is considered one of Windsor’s TOP 3 Therapists. He is also recognized internationally for his proven Quit Smoking Program. He was featured in the Windsor Star Think Wellness section.



Windsor’s #1 Rated Quit Smoking & Weight Loss Clinic by Hypnosis Works Directory. We are Windsor’s original Laser and Hypnosis Clinic. Specializing in Smoking, Weight Loss, Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Counseling Therapies. Serving Windsor, Ontario, Michigan, Ohio and surrounding areas since the 1990’s.


Body & Mind is the BEST place to go if you want effective ways to Quit Smoking, Lose Weight or Remove Stress. Windsor’s award winning Therapist will help in achieving a healthier life with Body & Mind’s Unique Quit Smoking, Weight Loss and Stress Reduction Programs that have been effectively used by 1,000’s of happy and healthy clients throughout Ontario, Michigan, Ohio and beyond.

Harvard University Certification

Certified by University of Toronto Medical School -
Smoking Cessation Specialist.



Rick Saruna founded Body and Mind in the 1990s. He is the developer of the various programs featured in the clinic.
Rick’s background in stress work, counseling and therapy allowed him to develop the internationally known programs at Body & Mind.
People from all over North America have traveled many miles to experience his expertise in his programs to Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. ( See the article featured in the Windsor Star – to the LEFT)
His background in psychotherapy has allowed him to discover and understand the underlying emotional issues in addictive behaviors and mood disorders. When you work with Rick you get a professional that will not only help you but also understand you.
When it comes to Smoking or Weight or Anxiety it is very important to keep stress under control.
This is Rick’s expertise. He combines stress reduction in everything he does.
If you are looking for long lasting answers as well as solutions Body and Mind in Windsor, Ontario is the place to call.
Rick Saruna will personally see you and work with you.
An expert and developer of Laser processes, Hypnosis Instructor, and a professional counselor and therapist. Rick also welcomes difficult and special cases and situations. If you are looking for help call Body and Mind.

Our Proven Process To Help You Stay Free From Past Behaviours!

Unique Process of Laser & Hypnosis & Support

  • All laser is NOT the same. We have developed a unique process exclusive to Body & Mind. Laser is taught and used with metabolism points. We have developed a process of CRAVING REMOVAL.
  • All Hypnosis is NOT the same. We use a clinical professional hypnotic process developed by us. This technique allows you to be totally aware, in total control and RELAXED at the same time. We also record each session for you to take home and listen to reinforce all new desired behaviors.
  • We believe in Education. The more our clients know the easier everything goes. We spend time explaining what we do and why. We encourage questions and taking time with you.
  • Support Support Support. We are available to answer questions 6 days a week at our full-time clinical offices. We encourage question so you understand the processes and enjoy the changes. Join the 1,000’s of clients we have helped.
  • Body & Mind is Windsor’s original Laser Hypnosis Clinical Program. We have been serving the area since the 1990’s at the same location. If you are looking for experience and reputation you have found it.

A Proven Step By Step Program That Works

  • Body & Mind uses a PROVEN program developed over 20 years of research and success.
  • Body & Mind Laser and Hypnosis Program has been proven to be safe, effective and empowering.
  • Body & Mind Laser and Hypnosis Program is NOT available anywhere else.
  • Body & Mind Laser and Hypnosis Program is designed to create and support long term solutions and success.
  • Body & Mind is your award winning and top rated clinic for success.
  • Awarded 3 Best clinic for Smoking and Weight Loss.
  • Awarded Most Effective Therapist.
  • Awarded Best Quit Smoking Program by Hypnosis Works Directory
  • Awarded Best Weight Loss Program by Hypnosis Works Directory
  • Laser Instructor and Researcher
  • Hypnosis Instructor and Trainer

Long Term Success With Years of Full Time Experience

  • Only Body & Mind has the experience and expertise to yield lasting positive results
  • Body & Mind uses simple and easy-to-follow programs for long term benefits.
  • Body & Mind specializes in all situations including hard core & difficult cases.
  • Body & Mind has helped 1,000s just like you from Windsor and all over Ontario, as well as Detroit, Oakland County, Wayne County, & Macomb County – to live Happy, Healthier lives.
  • Unique and difficult situations – We have helped them all on their journey to create the changes they desire.

We Accept Everyone Who Has The Desire To Quit Smoking

  • You Must Simply Have A Desire. Follow Our System.
  • Our Success and Reputation is VERY Important To Us.
  • Our Program Works If Followed and We Only Want Those That Have Failed In The Past And Now Want To Be Successful.
  • Our Program Is Easy And Unique – It Teaches You How To Create A New Lifestyle.
  • Our Key – Support – Support – Support! Helping You All The Way.


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Body and mind Natural Health Clinic is Windsor’s only holistic Clinic specializing in Stress/Anxiety and Empowerment. Serving the since the Windsor/Michigan region since the 1990s. Counseling individuals and families for health and happiness.

We are located in Windsor, Ontario CANADA


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