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Why New year’s Resolutions Fail

Windsor, Ontario, 2017:  It is the same for most people and it is repeated year after year. Every New Year 90% of all people set some sort of New Year’s resolutions. Yet, 92% of those resolutions will fail and here is why. Shooting for the moon can become so overwhelming and stressful that success seems too far away. In these cases any progress short of your goal is looked at as failure. Therapist Rick Saruna of Body and Mind in Windsor, Ontario calls this, “The Mind Trap.” Abandoning a goal or a resolution that is a struggle releases a person from the feeling of failure since they are not actively trying. It is a way of justifying a negative behavior with a behavior that subconsciously is perceived as less negative. Subconscious expert Rick Saruna says, “The thought is if you are not trying you are not failing.” The most common New Year’s resolutions or goals people set are for weight loss and to quit smoking. These two goals are set by many each and every New Year. Yet by the end of January these goals are abandoned and old behaviors are resumed. However, they can still be achieved if done properly. In order for goals to be achieved they need to be more specific, realistic and attainable. This is true especially of someone that has been trying repeatedly for the same goals without success. A determined and motivated person can go for their goal and attain it. Determination is decided by motivation. Motivation is determined by belief. Belief if determined by previous success. So if a person has experienced... read more

Eat Your Way To Weight Loss

There is a common misconception that you have to starve yourself to lose weight. This is simply not true! Actually, you must eat to lose weight. It is the Glycemic index that can help you determines what happens in your body. Let me explain. Your body needs glucose, which is a form of sugar, and is the main fuel for the body. The body is constantly trying to maintain blood sugar levels and it is the carbohydrates we eat that turns into glucose which goes directly into the blood stream to feed all the cells of the body. Glucose is the only fuel your brain uses and it is the brain that uses more energy than any other part of your body. If your blood sugar goes down, it starves the brain and a wide variety of symptoms can occur such as feeling weak and sluggish, drowsy, dizzy, confused, headache, irritability, trembling, rapid heartbeat, and even anxiety and panic attacks. Carbohydrates alone do not make a healthy body. We need a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat, water and exercise to maintain health. The biggest difficulty that we have with weight problems is over indulging in high glycemic foods. These are the foods that contain too much sugar or foods that are refined carbohydrates. If you over indulge in carbohydrates, (which produce insulin) then the excess glucose gets stored as fat. You can counter that by eating protein with it, (which produces glucagons). Glucagons promote the utilization of fat to be used for energy. Insulin and glucagons in balance maintain normal blood sugar levels. A body in a high insulin... read more

Weight Loss – Windsor, Ontario

This is one our society’s greatest struggles. I was watching some old reruns from the 60’s and 70’s and was surprised to see that most people were quite thin. Not just the actors but people in crowds and public places. So what happened? It looks like a lot of things have changed all around us. What people eat as well as lifestyle seems to be more obvious as the cause. There really are many different variables that have directly impacted society and how we live. It still comes down that in order to lose weight and keep it off there has to be a lifestyle change. This is the key. People often tell us they are too busy to eat real meals and drive thus are convenient. Too busy and too tired to exercise yet most tell us they want to. Body and Mind in Windsor Ontario has been helping people lose weight successfully since the 1990’s. We specialize in Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Stress, Anxiety and behavior modification. Body and Mind has unlocked some of the secrets that have been helping people lose weight, remove stress and improve the quality of their lives. Rick Saruna is clinical director of Body and Mind and he has been involved in the self help field since the 1980’s. He is clinical director of Body and Mind in Windsor and has helped 1000’s of people make some major changes in their lives. The weight loss program of Body and Mind is unlike any others because of all the things it incorporates into it. The weight loss system involves increasing metabolism, removing cravings and changing... read more

Rick Saruna – Body & Mind Clinical Director

Rick Saruna is clinical director of Body and Mind in Windsor Ontario. He has been helping people since the 1990s with creating changes in thoughts, thinking and behaviours. Since he works with the subconscious he is able to create long lasting change at a deep level. Many people come to Body and Mind to see Rick Saruna for emotional issues such as anger, sadness, fear and guilt. These also include related physical issues due to stress, anxiety and even depression. The processes used by Rick Saruna involve his unique Rapid Emotional Release ( a technique he developed) that works with lifting the stuck emotional issue. Many times without even having to talk about it until you are ready. Rick Saruna is also a Victim Services approved counsellor and works with some high profile trauma and victims of crime. His techniques work and they work in many cases quickly. The key is always finding the real issue(s). Rick Saruna is known for his no non sense approach and ability to see where the real issues are located. Body & Mind offers individual and family counselling for all issues. If you are not sure all you have to do is ask. Many health professionals use Rick because he is caring and compassionate and his experience is shown with his confidence when dealing with sensitive and emotional issues. Body & Mind clinic is also well known and respected for their Quit Smoking Program. The smoking cessation program consists of a unique process not offered anywhere else. It is Laser, Hypnosis and Suppot. Laser is a cool light non invasive and relaxing as... read more

Body and Mind Quit Smoking with Laser and Hypnosis

The best thing any smoker could possibly do is quit smoking. Since smoking is the number one avoidable cause of death in the world its importance cannot be more over estimated. Most people that try to quit smoking fail miserably because most methods just do not work. The issue that arises with smoking cessation is finding something that works for you. It doesn’t matter what the method you try it has to work with removing or reducing cravings, stress control and support. Most stop smoking methods do very poorly and have extremely low success rates. Body and Mind of Windsor, Ontario developed a very successful quit smoking method that works with reducing cravings, managing stress, changing the thought of smoking and offers support to see you through. It was developed by Body and Mind founder Rick Saruna in Windsor, Ontario. Body and Mind quit smoking program has an extremely high success rate because it works on helping people reduce cravings with a laser process. Laser to stop smoking is with a cool light laser that is totally pain free and proven to reduce nicotine cravings. Many people have been able to stop smoking effortlessly with laser alone. The Body and Mind program is so much more. Hypnosis was added and increased success dramatically. Why hypnosis? Nothing else works with the power of the mind while reducing stress and changing the thoughts of smoking. Many people that attempt to quit smoking with other methods will tell you that thoughts of smoking often hijack attempts to quit smoking. Hypnosis is a natural process that is relaxing and stress reducing. Imagine stop... read more

About Us – Body and Mind – Rick Saruna

Body and Mind Natural Health Clinic is located in Windsor Ontario. The clinic specializes many different types of treatments and techniques helping people with a variety of issues, problems and situations. Well known for its results in some of the most difficult and unusual cases because of their experience and knowledge. Rick Saruna is the clinical director and has been well known in the natural health field since the 1990s. People have travelled throughout North America to experience what Rick Saruna has to offer. A specialist in behavioural change Rick has been able to help people in many personal issues and situations. He is sought out for counselling and therapy for Individual and Family Counselling. This includes personal issues as well as family and marital issues. Rick Saruna is a specialist when it comes to stress, anxiety, anger, fears and sadness. His whole philosophy is that there are many natural ways to allow the Body and Mind to function so much better in a natural and normal way.  If medications are not what you desire or they are not getting you the results you need then call the offices of Body and Mind and ask for an appointment with Rick Saruna. Rick is a therapist, counsellor and has developed many techniques and processes that he teaches at conferences conventions. He developed a process of quickly lifting stuck emotional issues though an eye pattern process called Rapid Emotional Release and Empowerment. The process is often called RER and also RERE. It is a gentle method that allows an emotion to lift without having to get into the details of a... read more

Windsor’s Fulltime Hypnosis Practice

Body and Mind in Windsor in a fulltime therapy practice that is also Windsor’s top rated hypnosis specialist. Rick Saruna clinical director has trained in hypnosis for many years and has worked with 1,000s of people. Hypnosis itself is widely misunderstood and the results are almost magical although it is not magic. Hypnosis is a very natural and normal state that most people do not realize they slip into many many times throughout the day. It’s that place right before sleep although it is not sleep. People may look like they are sleeping but your mind is very active. Many people when they are hypnotized by a trained professional hypnotist may even wonder if they were actually hypnotized because it feels so natural. Everyone can be hypnotized that is willing. Yes everyone, although they say the smarter you are the easier it is to experience this deep relaxing state of the subconscious mind. So if you live in the Windsor, Ontario then Body & Mind can help you with just about whatever issue you would like to work on. For some it is stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety responds very well to hypnosis and the overall relaxation effect. Quitting Smoking and Weight Loss are probably the top 2 reasons people seek out hypnosis. We also combine weight loss and quit smoking with a laser process that makes an amazing increase in success. If you would like to lose weight or stop smoking we can help you. Rick Saruna is the area’s top hypnotists trained in clinical hypnosis as well as Comedy Stage Hypnosis. This type of comedy hypnosis... read more